Rack de podea 19 Triton 42U 800x800mm usa fata metal

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Product details

Rigid construction

RMA has a robust welded construction. High quality workmanship and the newest technologies ensure a perfect look of the cabinet.

Flexible door opening

The hinge system allows the door to open almost 180°. The door can be easily removed and re-mounted to change the direction of opening.

Tritón handles

We manufacture our own handles for the free-standing cabinets. By replacing the plastic module (not included), a traditional or semi-cylindrical lock insert can be used. Patent: PUV 2013-27443

Adjustable vertical rails

Vertical 19” rails can be adjusted freely in any depth of the cabinet. This simplifies mounting of the device and configuration of connecting cables.

Removable side panels and rear cover

RMA has a welded frame and removable side panels. These are fixed as standard to the frame using a lock with the same key as the door and rear cover.

Door for fan units

With this cabinet type, it is possible to order a special metal door ready for mounting RAx-CH-X0x-X3 fan units. Further information is available in the section Active cooling.

Break-out blanking panels

Entry openings for cables in the rear part of the cabinet are covered with breakout-type blanking panels. It is possible to use a blanking panel with a brush in cable opening to avoid dust penetration. The fringe edge serves to protect cables from damage (both are parts of the cabinet supply).

Opening for a fan unit

A large opening covered with a breakout-type blanking panel enables mounting and removal of the Triton fan unit from the outside of the cabinet without the need of using screws.

Castors, levelling feet

Prepared for mounting castors and levelling feet.

The back side of the cabinet

On the rear cover of the cabinet are two cable openings covered with breakout panels. One is at the top and one at the bottom of the rear cover. Other cable entries are on the ceiling and at the base of the cabinet.

Perforated frame

The RMA cabinet has a perforated frame to ensure cooling air has access to the equipment inside. Cooling can be augmented by installing fan units.


All removable parts are bonded together according to the relevant standards.

Flex frame

(for cabinet of 800 mm width) This system enables sliding vertical rails to be installed in a span of 19“, 21“ and 23“, just as needed for the equipment being used.

Middle pair of vertical rails

For cabinets deeper than 800 mm a third pair of vertical rails is supplied. An open profile means that the middle rails do not limit installation of deeper devices.

Swing frame

It is possible to equip the RMA and RZA cabinets with the swing frame with loading capacity 100 kg. Maximum available depth of the 19“ accessories is 330 mm.


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