Rack de podea 19" Triton 12U 600x800mm usa fata sticla

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Achizitii SEAP

  • 19“ container cabinet with IP30 protection.
  • Cabinet is intended to be placed on castors under a work desk.
  • The cabinet includes two pairs of vertical rails (three pairs at cabinets deeper than 800 mm).
  • Cabinet construction
    – Compact welded cabinet.
    – Safety hardened glass door, thickness 4 mm. On demand may be metal or perforated.
  • Max. permissible load of the door is 10 kg.
  • Min. thickness of the surface finish is 65 µm.
  • Cabinets are intended for installation of data and telecommunication devices and their distribution systems.
  • The frame of the cabinet and all removable parts are bonded with patch cables that have to be properly fixed and inserted into connectors throughout the period of use of the cabinet.
  • There is one M8 screw placed on the bottom part of the cabinet to connect the bonding.
  • Cable openings covered with breakout-type blanking panels are placed in the top and the bottom part of the cabinet rear side, others are in the bottom side of the cabinet.


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