Rack de perete Triton sectiune simpla 4U 400mm adancime usa

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Achizitii SEAP

Rigid construction

High quality workmanship and the most up-to-date technology ensure a perfect look of the cabinet.


The cabinet has fully glass door as standard, however, it can also be steel or perforated if required.

Flexible door opening

The hinge system allows the door to open almost 180°. The door can be easily removed and re-mounted to change the direction of opening.

Door lock

It enables easy and quick access to the cabinet.

Adjustable vertical rails

One pair of vertical 19“ rails is freely adjustable in any depth of the cabinet. This simplifies the mounting of devices and the organisation of connecting cables.

Breakout-type blanking panels

Cable openings covered with breakout-type blanking panels are ready in the top, bottom, and rear part of the cabinet. The supply includes a fringe edge and a blanking panel with a brush to seal the cabinet opening against dust penetration.


The RBA type A6* has 6 break-out blanking panels for the installation of ventilation units RAx-CH-X2x-X1 or fans RAX-CH-X07-X9 (up to 3 in top and 3 in bottom part of the cabinet). The RBA cabinet allows the installation of equipment that previously could not be cooled sufficiently in wall-mounted cabinets and had to be installed into free-standing cabinets only.


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